Tuesday, 12 August 2014

What is the Importance of Puja Thali during Puja?

Hinduism is a complex religion having diverse commandment and religious teachers. Various gods are worshiped by the devotees throughout the year. During the religious festival, all the people participate in the event wholeheartedly to pray and seek blessing from Almighty. People face different problems in their lives which can be solved through divine intervention. So, different rituals are performed by the people to mitigate the problem by pleasing Gods. Special puja items are required in the ritual which is offered to the Gods and Goddesses. This is why people are performing ritual in temple and home with the help of priests.

In Hindu religion, going to the temple daily and praying is considered an important path to liberation and spirituality. Devotees perform puja in the temple with the help of priest to guide and invoke God blessing in proceeding. Devotees sing hymns and priest chant Vedic mantra to invoke God’s blessing during the ritual in the temple. Different puja kits are required for various ritual performed by the people in temple to mitigate ill effect. The various kits used in the ritual are coconut, spiritual supari, chandan powder, abir, roli thika, and Maa ki churni among others. Every item conveys special meaning and message to the deity to get blessing from Almighty.

Devotees go to the temple to take refuge in God and lead a happy, prosperous, and peaceful life. According to Vedic Astrology the position of the nine planets influences our lives. It has been found the malefic position of the nine planets create many obstacles in life. The learned priest offers various rituals for the people to mitigate ill effect of planet. Puja Thali is used to carry the different offering to offer to deity in the temple. People use different material and design Thali to carry offering and make the occasion more auspicious. Priest chants mantra which reverberates in our surrounding to remove the negative energies and gain positive energy. Buy puja products from this company at affordable prices of the market.

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