Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How to stay connected to God when living outside India?

India is known for its spirituality around the world. Not only the people who reside here but also the people living outside want to have the spiritual connect to the roots. But, in the hustle of lives it becomes difficult for them to find solace from spirituality. Isn’t there any way out?

Yes, there is.

A lot has changed with the advent of Internet. It has changed the face of communication today. No matter where you can still stay connected to the loved ones and of course to the almighty as well. Today, you can find a number of websites online which profile online puja services. Using these services you can shoulder your religious responsibility from anywhere in the world. Not just that, if you find mental piece in worshiping lord but not able to do that because you don’t have access to required spiritual items, you can now get them all delivered to your door step.

But the question is – do we actually need those spiritual items to offer prayers to God? My answer is no, not necessarily. Though, it comes to the traditional beliefs, the customs you were brought in up, you cannot actually deny the importance of items like puja mandir or god statues. Can you?
Luckily, you can a make simple search in Google and find businesses or websites which you ship your favourite spiritual items to your door steps, no matter where you are in the world.

So, do not let your procrastinations bar you from staying connected with God. I won’t say worshiping God makes you the richest person in the world, but it does give you the mental piece you need to make your life better that it actually is. 

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